About Spark & Glow Photo

Hi there! I'm the ninja behind the lens, Michelle Catalano-Reilly. I've been photographing people, places and things of all sorts since 2000 when my dad gave me his 35mm Minolta. I studied photography at Columbia College Chicago and studied abroad at the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. In 2008, I received my BFA in photography. I've been shooting weddings professionally since 2011 and am head over heels for telling love stories with my camera! 

Spark & Glow Photo specializes in photojournalistic documentation of offbeat weddings. My clients don't play by the rules and are playful, adventurous souls who want their union to be captured in a fun and honest light. Spark & Glow photo is a queer and vegan owned company that's not afraid to do things differently!

I absolutely love to make people laugh and feel that it is my duty as your wedding photographer to help make the day as fun as possible! As someone who is a bit camera shy herself, I place great importance on creating a genuine bond with all of my clients so they can relax and feel more like a good friend is behind the lens. 

Silly Tidbits

  • The first camera I ever purchased was a large format 4"x5" Zone VI field camera.
  • I've lived in Chicago, Scotland, California and Oregon but Chicago has always had my heart!
  • I've been vegan for 12 years and counting!
  • I can usually be spotted climbing on things, stopping traffic and hiding in bushes with my cameras.
  • I'm a total travel addict!