About Spark & Glow Photo

Hi there! I'm the ninja behind the lens, Michelle Simon. I've been photographing people, places and things of all sorts since 2000 when I got my first 35mm film camera. I received my BFA in photography from Columbia College Chicago in 2008 and studied abroad at the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. I've been photographing weddings, events and families professionally since 2011.

Spark & Glow Photo specializes in photojournalistic documentation of offbeat and LGBTQIA+ weddings, events and families. We are a proud, queer+femme+vegan owned business and we aren’t afraid to do things differently! Our clients don't play by the rules and are playful, adventurous souls who want to be photographed in a fun and honest light. We make it a point to discuss PGP’s and to get to know our clients’ unique relationship dynamics. We travel world-wide and are eager to work with clients near and far!

I absolutely love to make people laugh and feel that it is my duty as your photographer to help make your shoot as fun as possible! As someone who is a bit camera shy herself, I place great importance on building trust and creating a genuine bond with all of my clients so they can relax and feel more like a good friend is behind the lens. 

3% from each wedding that is booked gets donated to one of the following four charities: The Point Foundation National LGBTQ Scholarship, Chicago Coalition for the HomelessFoundation for Women's Cancer, PAWS.

Silly Tidbits

  • The first camera I ever purchased was a large format 4"x5" Zone VI field camera.

  • I've lived in Chicago, Scotland, California and Oregon but Chicago has always had my heart!

  • I've been vegan for 13 years and counting!

  • I can usually be spotted climbing precariously on things, stopping traffic and hiding in bushes with my cameras.

  • I'm a total travel addict! If I don't leave the country once a year, I get stir-crazy!

  • I’m incredibly camera shy and hate having my photo taken!