Baby Arjun

While most of my subjects are brides and grooms dressed to the nines, I had a rare opportunity to photograph a subject who was just easing into his new environment this summer. Little baby Arjun was just 12 hours old when I got to meet and photograph him. As a woman who does not herself feel very maternal, it was incredible to walk into a room with a woman and her newborn child. It was beautiful to watch how she instinctually nurtured and maneuvered her newborn. 

Having just returned from a trip to visit one of my best friends who is expecting her first child in a few weeks, it's forced me to slow down and reflect a bit on the bigger picture. We spend so much of our adulthood setting up expectations for ourselves, often taking on more than we aught to. We get lost in the grind. We lose our patience. There's something so pure and magical about those first few hours of a newborn's life. Suddenly, all you can be is patient as this new little human slowly adjusts to life in the real world. I am honored to have had the opportunity to document baby Arjun's first day of life outside the womb!